About us


Our Mission

As competitive surf kayakers we know the qualities needed to make every wave count. Our goal is to to deliver that standard to you in the kayaks we make.

Through innovation in design, quality of build and standard of service, we want to give rider satisfaction.

In short, we want to make every Ride kayak one we would surf ourselves. Whilst Ride is in its infancy, we are proud that our kayaks have already become the choice of champions. We hope that you get as much pleasure out of your new Ride as our team Riders do.


Why We Ride

Ride surf kayaks home is the Atlantic facing beaches, reefs and river mouths of West Wales. Founded by champion surfer Tim Thomas, Ride draws on years of experience kayak surfing all over the world and combines a passion for quality and style in the boats used. Our kayaks are designed to have cutting edge performance, trialled and proven by our championship winning team. But a Ride kayak you surf now should be one you’ll love to surf tomorrow. Our kayak templates have balance and form so they work no matter what the conditions. So you can enjoy a Ride kayak whether you are smashing the lip in overhead or just planing down the line on a mellow summer peeler.

When it comes to build quality we refer to the adage of ‘strong, light or cheap – pick two’. The key characteristics for a surf kayak are stiffness and strength, combined with keeping weight down to a minimum. So we have developed a set of construction options that give the very best quality. No hidden layers of cheap stuff, or corners cut, Ride kayaks are built to perform and to last.

Ride on!

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