Basque Country Championships 2015


Basque Country Championship Bakio  17th May 2015

Bakio has been the meeting point for the last championship before the worlds this last weekend. Some of the best kayakers met there to have a surf session and the last check before the worlds.
The forecast for this weekend was amazing, friday afternoons forecast predicted 5 meter waves, and the organization decided to move the compettion from saturday to sunday.
The expected conditions for Sunday morning were really nice, 1,5 meters, no wind, and 12 second periods. But the ocean is unpredictable and the wind changed the perfect conditions.
At 10 am the first paddlers began the competition with low tide and good waves. The Hp quarter finals showed some nice tricks, and there were no surprises with the results. The juniors as usual surfed very well and demostrated how training improves their performances. Women had 2 tight finals, and Teresa Carranza won both finals.
In Ic boats Xabi Olano leaded all the competition, and won the final. Hp semifinals had the best conditions of all the competition, good waves, no wind, and good surf, this were the best two heats of the contest. The conditions for the final were really bad, with the high tide the waves became very short, and the four paddlers try to did the best they can.
At the end, Ride team members Edu Etxeberria and Urko Otxoa took the first two places of the podium, showing that this boats are able to win in any condition