Edu Etxeberria Reviews The Zenith



Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 14.48.19Our latest Team Rider, Edu Etxeberria, who is an all round good guy, a true ambassador for the sport, who coaches the up and coming generation of surf kayakers in the Basque Country, while also staying at the top of the Sport, has written us a short review on his first impressions of his New Zenith Surf Kayak!




Here is what he has to say…

“Some swell is hitting Zurriola Beach,this days.
Here i wrote some words from Zenith kayak (Ride surfkayaks) that i surf 1
This kayak is easy to surf and in turns has high performance kayak.
It is very easy transition from one rail to another, thats help`s you when you want to hit the lip and to surf with precisión (I love it). And very pleasant to drive on the front rail, it allows surfing close to the lip in high zone in the wave shoulder, giving a lot of 2

I have not yet automated reactions in some turns and receptions and I’m not 100% on the Nose rocker, but it’s a kayak that can be very radical but also forgiving and be easily surfable for all levels of surfers.
Zenith give me a lot of fun!!!



edu 3