River surf kayaking


Team Rider Odei Etxeberria took a trip with some friends, to surf one of the Basque River waves! Good times, with good friends! Here is what he has to say about it.


“Last weekend some Basque riders, we made a trip to a small Basque town, where we have a really good river wave. There we have much fun and a really good surf session.

 The sensation you have surfing a river it’s really different, because you can surf as long as you want, we made 10 minute long surfs. It’s a really good place to practice cutbacks and slashes, but, is a different feeling, because you surf staying in the same place, these makes you feeling in a diferent way than in a beach wave.
 It isn’t a wave you only can ride with just surf kayaks, there is also a freestyle, paddle surf and surfboards on the wave.”
Here are some pictures of him in his Zenith, as well as stand up paddle boarding!
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