Black Rock Surf Kayak Classic 2015


Black Rock Classic…


The Black Rock Surf Kayak classic took place at the Black Rock last weekend in Bude, Cornwall, where we had a full range demo’s, for everyone to come down and try out!

blackrock 1Saturday saw the Short Boat events run, with Sunday being reserved for the long boat classes!

Team Riders Jack Barker, James Hawker, Tim Thomas and Cheesy were down there representing, and we have a huge Congratulations to say to the boys! They continued Rides contest domination into 2015!

In the Open HP, 1st and 2nd place went to James hawker and Jack barker respectively, both riding the new zenith, with old man ‘Cheesy’ coming in 4th place, 40 years old and still showing the young guns how it’s done in his eclipse!



Sunday saw More trophies! Another brilliant day for results in Bude, with Paddler Palm ‘Cheesy’ taking the win in the Open IC, and big boss Tim Thomas coming in 2nd, I’d say the Ride Equinox has done pretty damn well.

black rock 2

Oh and we can’t forget the old’un teaching the ‘new’ boys a thing or two… Gary Survila-Adcock winning both his Masters, in the equinox and eclipse.

Congratulations to all the team for an amazing weekend of results! Top two places in all the open categories, the zenith, eclipse and Equinox rock!