Edu Etxeberria



Edu is from San Sebastian in the Basque Region of Spain, and is the top rider in the world. Edu comes from a mixed background, including world level Freestyle and Slalom paddling. He has multiple world titles, including the 2015 Open HP world title in Pantin, and is still the future of our sport.


Edu does amazing work with the whole of the Basque team, but most noticeable is with the Juniors. Coaching an entire team to a world title winning level, and we are proud to have him leading the way in our kayaks.

He currently rides our new Zenith surf kayak, and is tearing it up in the masters and senior categories. With his big invert airs, and super consistent riding, we are expecting big things from him, and we are really happy to be supporting such an amazing ambassador of kayak surfing. Watch this space!


Kayaks Used ZenithEclipse Equinox