High Performance Surf Kayak

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Designed by Pablo Arrouays and Virgile Humbert,
This surf kayak takes the experience and radical surfing mindset of multiple waveski world champions and accomplished designers to the world of Surf Kayaks.

The Ride Orbit is designed to enable the rider to surf with the same explosiveness and style as a high performance waveski, while giving the leverage and comfort a kayak can bring.

The Orbit presents to us the new world of No Limits surf kayaking, with the versatility to surf in a wide range of conditions and seek out new moves, new possibilities and execute the most radical tricks you can think of.

Featuring double concave and subtle vee in the hull,
This allows the boat to paddle into waves quickly and turn with ease, with the vee adding extra looseness for rapid release and soft landings.

Sharp, low volume waveski like rails allow the Orbit to maintain complete control when carving or through turns and allow lightning fast transitions from rail to rail and for advanced moves.
The Orbit can be surfed as a kayak, but is best suited to the same knees together style surfing of a waveski, best combined with tight outfitting, our T-Piece block or a belt ( Optional )


– Length: 223.5 cm
– Width: 58.6 cm
– Cockpit: Keyhole
– Maximum Paddler Weight: 75 kgs

Included Features:

– Bonded front and rear mini cell foam pillars
– Ride shaped foam seat with hip pads
– Ride ‘Bloc’ minicell foam backrest
– Set of minicell foam foot blocks
– 3 fins in standard thruster designs (also available in 4 or 5 fin setup)
– One-piece cockpit