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Introducing the Ride Evo: The Supernova Pocket Rocket High Performer

Experience the explosive power of the Ride Evo, a pocket rocket kayak that pushes the boundaries of high performance. Designed to thrive right at the breaking edge of a wave, this kayak is ready to unleash its energy and take your surfing to new heights.

Featuring a short, tight curve to the rail and ample rocker up front, the Evo eagerly awaits the opportunity to tackle deep and steep take-offs, utilizing the hull to generate speed down the line. Its responsive nature thrives on being edged and maneuvered, allowing you to drop an edge, gaze up at the lip, and effortlessly launch yourself out of the water.

– Length: 232cm
– Width: 65cm
– Cockpit: Small
– Maximum Paddler Weight: 95kgs

Included Features:
– Bonded front and rear mini cell foam pillars
– Ride shaped foam seat with hip pads
– Ride ‘Bloc’ minicell foam backrest
– Set of minicell foam foot blocks
– 3 fins in standard thruster design
– Optional composite thigh braces
– One-piece cockpit (Eclipse, Equinox, Mutant, and Zenith)

Customisable Fit:
– Each boat comes with a surform to shape the backrest and other foam parts for a personalized fit.

The Ride Evo is a force to be reckoned with, offering unmatched agility and power in a compact package. Ride the wave of excitement and take your surfing skills to astronomical levels with the Evo.

3 reviews for Evolution

  1. Gareth Spendiff
    5 out of 5


    Many thanks to the lads at Ride Surf Kayaks for my awesome Ride Evolution HP surf kayak, love it!

    I’ve been paddling surf kayaks for about a year and half now and would say it’s my favourite paddling discipline, at 12.5 stone,5’10” and with some trimming of the simple but excellent foam back rest and foot blocks I was sat in my Evo feeling very comfortable and ready to go in minutes. Plenty more room for larger paddlers and smaller paddlers alike.

    I had tried quite a few surf kayaks including Ride and other manufacturers which I enjoyed but then got to use Rides demo ‘Core’ Evolution and just clicked with it straight away, it is nice and stable making it easy to paddle out and have a rest at the back, the knee position and built in thigh braces make for excellent purchase when rolling and really locking yourself into the boat which in turn helps boat manoeuvrability and rolling the Evo pretty easy for us beginner/intermediates. It carves top to bottom turns with awesome grip and bite, I got some super fast rides on waves and felt like a pro!

    I opted for the ‘Pro spec’ construction with Armour coat for extra durability for my Evolution due to it being slightly lighter and a bit more stiffer to aid me with my progression and aim of getting some air off the top of a wave, all in good time!

    Again, many thanks guys, I can’t wait to take my new Ride Evolution out again.

  2. Mike Barry
    4 out of 5


    I’ve been paddling an Evo 4 yrs now. So have plenty of time in it to comment.
    I sit really high in my Evo and find it very stable. I have loads of room in it. Potentially, tall or heavyish people should be good in this boat. Loads of foot room too.
    Paddling out, it is very easy to ramp waves and foam piles. As long as I present any of the hull to the wave, it just hops over.
    This ramping effect is really cool too when surfing and a wave breaks in front of you, its easy to get a good hop off any lips or foampiles.
    Paddling for the wave is easy and once it takes off, there is a sudden rush of acceleration.
    Turns are smooth and dynamic, and its easy to trim across the wave holding loads of speed.
    I find weight shifting in the boat has a huge effect, its easy to lean back and let it sit in the pocket or lean forward and it will accelerate out.

    I’ve had it out in all kinda of surf from 2ft to 20fters. I could still have fun in the small stuff. I didn’t get spanked in the big stuff. Its able to take big drops and stay high on a big big wave to get you down the line. 5 – 6ft is my favourite and the boat really excels allowing you get good turns and run down the line.

    This is a mighty good fun, easy to paddle boat.
    I usually run mine with small fins, find it loose enough to push through slashy turns, yet it can still hold a line without sliding.

  3. Mike Marsh
    5 out of 5


    I’ve been a wave skier for many years in Australia and after moving to Scotland I figured out a kayak would suit the winter conditions better. After some research I settled on Ride based on quality and reputation and went down to try a couple. Tim and Chris were great; I even tried an IC but HP is closer to the waves type surfing I’m used to.

    At 60 years old and mid-80s Kg I found the Evolution to be just perfect. I went for the top model for lightness and stiffness and am well stoked with it. I did find a few things hard to adjust to after a ski but after less than half a dozen outings I really started to “dial in” to the boat, and actually got the highest scoring wave in the Scottish titles Open final.

    I especially like how easy it is to paddle out or across to the spot (the spot moves about a bit at our Scottish breaks), how fast it is down the line and how well it sits in the green room once you hook the rail in. And it virtually turns itself once you get the fins right.

    5 stars from me!

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