Ocean Spirit By Odei Etxeberria

The European Championship was held in Portugal in the Ocean Spirit as the Waveski World Cup a really awesome event, with high level competitors of all over the world.
We arrived to Santa Cruz sunday and we can’t surf because they waves were small. Next day  was the first day of competition and the conditions weren’t the best ones so we have a just Juniors first round at the afternoon.
Tuesday the waves were bigger so the competition started and I was really confortable with my surf so I passed first rounds as first, waveski world cup gone relly good also. My scores were constant and strong so I was feeling good.
Wednesday the conditions gone better progressively, repechages and next rounds were on and the results were good for me in waveski and kayaksurf. I past to semifinals and to the junior Hp final.
Thursday was the day of semifinals and finals, it was a relly good conditions day. I past to waveski open and junior finals and to the open kayaksurf Hp final. At the end of the day was held the junior Hp final were I scored my first 10 point wave, with a aerial.
Friday was finals day, the conditions were smaller and more windy, but still surfable. After the finals were the awards ceremony. I won the kayaksurf juniors Hp, placed 2nd in junior waveki and 3rd in open kayaksurf Hp and waveski. The dinner t the end of the competition was really enjoyable, because all the competitors meet up and have fun. A really good experience, hope to be there next year surrounded by as good people as this year.