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Nathan Eades Reviews The Mutant

  Yet another high performance wave machine has joined the line-up and yet again Ride surf kayaks are responsible. The Mutant is the raw, untamed cousin of the Zenith slipping into the Ride range to serve those seeking a surf craft which will dominate in the pocket of a steep, critical wave. Due to its […]


Want to be a World Champion…?

We talk to Jack Barker, Mens IC World Champion, to wee what it takes to become the best in the world!  How did you prepare:To mentally get myself ready for the Worlds I had to reassure myself that it was just like any other ‘home’ competition. As I find i can put way too much […]


World Championships By Paul ‘Cheesy’ Robertson

Twenty years ago I had just finished my first year at university, given up slalom and switched to paddling freestyle. Aged just twenty I had already spent most of my teenage years competing in paddlesport and armed with the attitude, physicality and ambition that people of that age find easier, I’d made the GB rodeo […]

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Nathan Eades Reviews The Zenith

After placing 3rd in the world championships in Pantin, Nathan has taken some time to review the zenith…. Here is what he had to say….   Zenith Review After 6 years with no kayak surfing in my life and purely waveski riding, I was anticipating the transition back into a kayak to be a difficult […]


World Championships By Oier Uruburu

This world championship has been really important for me. Not only for beeing my first time taking part in, its also because I’ve gotten some really good results. Apart from winning individually, my team, the basque country, also won. Since 2013 I’ve been training specially for this championship and I finally reached my objective. Another […]

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Surf Snowdonia!

Team Riders Tim Thomas and Christopher Hobson, and friend Jack Davies were super lucky to get invited along to test the wave at surf snowdonia. We had an awesome time, having 4 hours of water time, catching almost 40 waves each, by far more than any one else! So make sure to check baco soon […]


Ocean Spirit By Odei Etxeberria

The European Championship was held in Portugal in the Ocean Spirit as the Waveski World Cup a really awesome event, with high level competitors of all over the world. We arrived to Santa Cruz sunday and we can’t surf because they waves were small. Next day  was the first day of competition and the conditions weren’t the […]


Ocean Spirit By Enara Ibarburu

We started the trip for the European championship the 19th and taking into account the conditions of the waves it was difficult to make a good heat. We couldn’t surf as well as we know due to the small waves and the difficult conditions to go up. I arrived to the quarter finals in Open […]

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World Championships by Enara Ibarburu

The worlds finally arrived after a hard training year preparing them. I was in the Basque Country’s team due to my good results in Nacional and Internacional competitions in this two years and it has been a really good experience for me taking into account that it was my first world championship. I arrived to […]

Penycwm - Credit Pembrokeshire Moments

Three in one…

A few weeks back I got the chance to underline why I love tides, why I love my home in Wales and why I rate the Eclipse as the ultimate all round surf boat. And it took just twenty-four sweet hours! Seven o’clock Saturday evening. The sun is going down and I’m about a quarter […]