World Championships by Enara Ibarburu

The worlds finally arrived after a hard training year preparing them.

I was in the Basque Country’s team due to my good results in Nacional and Internacional competitions in this two years and it has been a really good experience for me taking into account that it was my first world championship.
I arrived to Pantin with some people of the team the 25th of June and we trained about 5-6 hours per day waiting nervous and impatiently the big day of the worlds beginning; it has been really exhausting! One morning, I got up at 6 o’clock to be able to surf alone, considering that it wasn’t possible to surf calmly during the day with all the people who wanted to train for the worlds.
The training days, we had really good waves, but during the competition, the waves got worse and we couldn’t surf as well as the training days.
Finally, I returned home really satisfied with my competition due to my 1st place in Junior HP Woman, 2nd in Woman HP and 3rd in Woman IC.